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See You in Fall for Mums

Welcome to Four Peaks Greenhouse

Welcome to Four Peaks Greenhouse, Vermilion, Ohio's cherished horticultural retreat. As the proud successors to the esteemed Bissell’s Greenhouse, we continue the rich tradition of gardening excellence amidst the scenic beauty of our locale. Our greenhouse is a canvas of nature's finest hues, where the freshness of spring blooms, the endurance of perennials, and the promise of burgeoning vegetables invite you to explore and be inspired.

Inside Our Greenhouse


Our Horticultural Heritage

Established in 2023, Four Peaks Greenhouse emerged from the legacy of Bissells Greenhouse, adopting its horticultural heritage with a fresh zest. As the torchbearers of a cherished community gem, we are enthralled to continue nurturing the bond between nature and our community. Our greenhouse is not just a place to find plants; it's where Vermilion's gardening tradition flourishes anew, blending time-honored practices with contemporary horticultural insights.

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Our Offerings

Our carefully curated selection reflects the changing tapestry of seasons and the diverse gardening aspirations of our patrons. We are proud purveyors of the Proven Winners brand, showcasing a premium range of plants known for their exceptional quality and vibrant aesthetics. Specializing in spring annuals, perennials, vegetables, and shrubs, we offer a plethora of green choices to invigorate your garden and living spaces. Whether you're in pursuit of seasonal color, year-round greenery, or the joy of homegrown vegetables, Four Peaks Greenhouse is your go-to destination for quality plants and gardening supplies.

Proven Winners 

We are proud purveyors of the Proven Winners brand, showcasing a premium range of plants known for their exceptional quality and vibrant aesthetics.

Custom Potting

Transform your cherished pots into vibrant displays of natural beauty with Four Peaks Greenhouse's custom potting service. Our expert team is delighted to offer a bespoke planting service that breathes new life into your favorite containers. Whether it’s a treasured family heirloom, a quirky find, or a simple pot that needs a touch of green, we're here to fill it with the perfect blend of plants tailored to your taste and the pot's characteristics.

Unique Vegetable Varieties

We grow over 24 varieties of tomato plants, along with many peppers, herbs, and other garden favorites. You will surely find something unique for your home garden and taste buds this spring. 

Embark on a green journey

Visit us in the heart of Vermilion, Ohio, and let nature's bounty inspire your gardening narrative. For inquiries, custom planting, or special projects, reach out to us below. Our verdant oasis awaits your discovery, and we are thrilled to be a part of your gardening endeavors

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6210 Barnes Rd N
Vermilion, OH 44089

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